Arts Minister steps in to save rare £3 million Baroque Cabinet for the nation

Arts Minister Michael Ellis has placed a temporary export bar on a 350 year old Italian Baroque cabinet in an attempt to save it for the nation. Giacomo Herman (1615 – 1685) was Rome’s leading cabinet maker during the 1660s and 1670s and worked for successive Popes and a number of leading Roman families. The German furniture-maker was most active in Italy, having settled in Rome in 1655 where he entered the papal service. Documented works of significance from this period are very rare. The ebony veneered cabinet, valued at £3.3 million, is one of four created in Herman’s workshop between 1669 and 1678. Arts Minister Michael Ellis said: This intricate cabinet is an outstanding example of the work of 17th century Italian cabinet makers. I hope that a buyer can be found to keep it in the country so that future generations can admire it and learn about our rich heritage. Veneered with lapis lazuli, a blue semi-precious stone, and jasper gemstones