Internship ~ Free Internship Account ~ Gordon, Nebraska, USA

Plum Thicket Farms is looking for two interns for the spring and summer of 2019. If possible, we would like them to arrive in the first part of March in order to be here for calving, but we realize that you may not be out of school by then, so we are flexible with arrival dates.   We are a diversified operation, running 310 cows and farming 2300 acres. Calving will begin around the 10th of March. The interns will be expected to help with night calving, barn chores, pairing cattle, moving pairs, and whatever else comes during the busiest of times.   He/she would also be exposed to two different AI synchronization systems and will learn how to handle semen. Because we have a rotational grazing system, and have range monitoring sites in all of our pastures, the students will participate in reading those sites and will become familiar with native plant species. We mob graze annual forages, and interns will be responsible for managing the daily moves and maintaining paddocks.   The students will also become familiar with no-till farming and learn what the issues are in planning crop rotations as well as fertilization and chemical programs.   We use the Cow-Calf 5 cow record system and have individual records from birth to the rail on all of our cattle. The records are used extensively to make breeding and culling decisions.   The interns will be expected to take part in the weekly management meetings and will be encouraged to join the discussions. Duties will include helping with calving and breeding, fixing fence, building high tensile fence, moving cattle, chute work, sprayer support and harvest support. If they don’t know how to ride, they will by the end of the summer.   Continuing education is very important to us and we try to participate in as many opportunities as possible. The students will attend all the meetings we do. The hours are long but I believe that we can offer the students a valuable adjunct to their education.   Applications must be received by January 15th. Telephone Interviews will be conducted during the month of January and the decision will be made by February first. There is no formal application form. Please submit your resume’, three letters of reference including contact information, and a letter that describes your background, your family, your work experience, what your long term plans are, and what you hope to gain from the internship. Tell us what your expectations are and what your passions are. Please describe your strengths and what weaknesses you would like to address. How do you cope with challenges? Are you comfortable tying into something you have never done before? Do you have any mechanical ability? Have you operated farm equipment? Feel free to add anything else that will help us understand who you are.

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