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Last Monday, a French Twitch streamer by the name of ANIS13K confessed to stealing donations from his viewers for charity streams. ANIS13K admitted to using the money to pay off loans and other debts he had found himself racking up in attempts to have the same high-tech equipment that more successful streamers possessed.

ANIS13K had been stealing from the charity and his viewers for over five years before one of his donators checked to see where their money ended up. The donator exposed ANIS13K on Twitter, using an account by the name “Reveal Truth.”

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Reveal Truth uses the text of the exposing tweet to somewhat present the situation like a meme, but the wording and context confirm its anything but. In reality, the text introduces the fact that ANIS13K had been defrauding his community for years. It also sets up the tweet’s video attachment, which plays back a phone call Reveal Truth made to the charity in question — the French Association of Multiple Sclerosis (AFSEP).

In the call, AFSEP revealed that it hadn’t received any of the supposed donations that Reveal Truth was talking about. Those who would like to read the exact wording of the text in English can do so below.


When you swindle your community for more than 4 years on the pretext of “charity streams” while knowing all of the donations you receive from your community which it believes to serve a noble cause, is ultimately nothing, except a masquerade and a breach of trust.

After being exposed, ANIS13K took to Twitch and responded with a 26-minute broadcast. Here, ANIS13K explained the aforementioned reason why he stole the money. He also apologized to his audience for his actions and claimed that he had since established contact with AFSEP in an attempt to try and figure out what he could do to give the company back its money.


Some viewers rightfully aren’t satisfied with the apology and have decided to take action. One viewer, in particular, stated on Discord that they would be pressing charges, and have gotten in contact with AFSEP’s director with the plan of joining the organization in a lawsuit against ANIS13K.

Exactly how much money the streamer embezzled wasn’t revealed, but considering AFSEP confirmed that it received none of the charitable donations, ANIS13K took everything his Twitch viewers gave to the organization. As expected, the streamer claimed that his apology video would probably be the final time his audience would ever see him on the platform. An account on Mixer with his same tag appeared not too long after his apology, but it’s doubtful that it belongs to him as it would obviously only exacerbate an already tense situation.


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