The Philanthropy Media Network is recruiting volunteer Journalist Charity Foot Soldiers.  The mission is to write and publish articles that fall within the following categories.


Global Challenges

Celebrity Causes




Documentary Reviews

Mental & Physical Health


Philanthropy Politics


Social Justice


Society & Culture

Financial Literacy

Sports & Athlete Causes

What defines a “Charity Foot Soldier”?

  • Someone with a passion for helping others
  • Someone with goals of making a difference in society whether big or small
  • Someone that looks for volunteer opportunities
  • Someone that enjoys learning
  • Someone with leadership characteristics
  • Someone that finds joy in fundraising

Sub-Heading - Include Keywords / Questions

As a volunteer member of our Journalism team, your content will be publish and view by thousands of visitors per month.  Our readers are passionate about all things philanthropy; 

from research to cure a diseases, to fundraisers in local communities, to local community events for kids and families, to how celebrities spend their time and money giving back.  These so many intriguing stories that need to be covered and told by people with the gift of storytelling. 

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As the virtual footprint of the Philanthropy Media Network expands, imagine your content associated with our Brand.  

Join our team and become a significant contributor to informing, educating and enhancing awareness of content pertaining to philanthropy and charitable giving.

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