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All Charities Count, Inc. dba Philanthropy Media Network is a philanthropy media and consulting firm that provides several services to help promote and educate philanthropist, charitable organizations, and community organizations. Our services help organizations raise awareness, encourage participation from everyday citizens and educate people on how to be successful when operating a charitable and or community organization. A holistic view of our full media network includes:

ALL Charities Count, Inc. dba Philanthropy Media Network “PMN” is a Philanthropic Media company that publishes the latest/breaking news, photos, videos, fundraising events all via the company website and newsletters. PMN host live and pre-recorded charity events via the website with the added services of real-time donation services during live events. We are America’s fastest growing philanthropic media company.



In our evolving world, it is more important than ever to meet people WHERE THEY ARE.  Technology has granted us with the opportunity to use mobile phones/tablets/apps and platforms to stay connected.  Hosting fundraising events and expanding your existing supporters/donor pool is critical to the success of your cause/initiative.  The Philanthropy Media Network is offering a solution to help achieve these objectives.  For more information about our Live Streaming and Real Time Fundraising Solutions: 


The world is filled with stories to tell from all different perspectives and the Philanthropy Media Network seeks to partner with story tellers to bring this content to life.  Our original content department is focused on the development of content that is fun, engaging, educational and entertaining. From talk shows, to documentaries, to reality TV,  the Philanthropy Media Network is delivering content that makes a difference.  To partner or join our team in delivering this content: 

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