Get to know the Classic T-Shirt Brand

We founded the Classic T-shirt Company to make a difference, to be a force for good,
and to show by example how you can take something as simple as a T-shirt and make it better in every way.  

Much of our inspiration to do this came with welcoming our daughter, Gabriella into the world. We wanted to be an example to show her that creating change is possible. We started with a 4 colors men’s t-shirts product line and now we have variety of collections for men, women, additional products like (joggers, shorts, french terry products).

What makes a Brand Sustainable ?

  • A brand that understands and attempts too reduce their carbon footprint
  • A brand with an ethical supply chain
  • A brand that supports philanthropic initiatives
  • A brand that advocates for causes and those in need within their local communities
  • A brand that believes in and practices transparency whenever possible

Sustainable Fashion

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Locally made. We pay living wages to all of our workers–more than the minimum wage here in California, and we far exceed environmental standards too

Our policy is plastic-free shipping, maybe that can inspire California lawmakers to do more for our planet too. All of our cotton we use to make our products is GOTS certified organic, and ethically sourced from local farms in India.

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The Classic T-Shirt Making a Difference

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We have always proudly pledged 1% of our sales to charities that are also making a difference, including Water for People,  Armenia Tree Project, and The Ocean Cleanup.

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