Get to know LOVETRUST

LOVETRUST is a woman-owned, sustainable slow fashion brand whose goal is to create clothing that is both fashionable and comfortable. Our carefully crafted collections are designed with the everyday in mind for the everyday woman. We believe that sustainable, ethically produced fashion can also be affordable, contemporary and fun while maintaining the high quality and wearability you expect.


Our style is simple and classic with a touch of something extra that adds sexy confidence to your look. We know you want to live your life in stress free clothing and look stylish doing it.

At LOVETRUST we use only natural fibers. Not only can organic cotton and other natural fibers be produced more sustainably through regenerative agriculture, they simply feel better on the body and last longer so you can wear the garments for multiple seasons and years to come.


Our GOTS certified organic cotton is grown and knitted in Peru which produces some of the finest cotton in the world. It is important to us to keep our production radius small to lower emissions and to better support the community making our garments. Peruvian manufacturers and Peru’s government are making conscious efforts to be leaders in sustainable and ethical garment production. They value upholding responsible agriculture and manufacturing at home which is a substantial reason we chose to source and produce there.

What makes a Brand Sustainable?

  • A brand that understands and attempts to reduce their carbon footprint
  • A brand with an ethical supply chain
  • A brand that supports philanthropic initiatives
  • A brand that advocates for causes and those in need within their local communities 
  • A brand that believes in and practices transparency whenever possible

Sustainable Fashion

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Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. From the natural, GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics we choose to the responsible, SMETA compliant factory we work with. We are committed to combine our sustainable practices with fashion that empowers and allows you to be yourself. With that in mind, we strive to be a clothing brand that raises your values to your closet. LOVETRUST allows you to curate a wardrobe of high-quality pieces that are made with care for planet and people alike. Positive change requires improvements from the inside, and we aim to help push the fashion industry we love toward a more responsible future.


Better Factories:

We are proud to work with full-service manufacturer, Novablue SAC. Located in Lima, Peru, they are part of the Fiber, Yarn, and Thread Mills Industry there. With a lot of communication, collaboration and transparency, we have built confidence in our relationship and the production quality we get from Novablue. They work with small quantity production runs resulting in less overconsumption and waste. The Novablue team are experts at getting the best yields during the fabric cutting process and the quality of the garments they produce are of the utmost importance to the foundation of their company.

Novablue works very closely with a small, locally trusted group of fabric mills that use GOTS certified organic cotton. They also own their own SMETA compliant cutting and sewing facility where employees are paid fair wages and are given open workspace that doesn’t induce worker health risks that have historically been problematic in garment production around the world.


Working with production companies like Novablue allows us to support the talented, hard-working people and communities that are trying to do better in our industry and that are behind the clothes we all wear. Quality is the heart of everything we create here at LOVETRUST so we think it’s important to celebrate not only the women who wear and inspire our clothing but also the people who beautifully craft them.

Less Waste in our Packaging:

We have a social responsibility to our customers and the planet to not repeat the careless practices of the past. In the hopes of eliminating waste, we limit our use of hangtags and never use plastic swift tacks since in most cased they just end up in landfills. We try to use as little packaging as possible while keeping the product protected on its way to you.

Since less waste is a fundamental principle in truly green practices, we use that standard across all facets of our business including our packaging. LOVETRUST furthers our sustainability commitments by working with packaging suppliers like Noissue, who pledge their own commitments to providing beautiful, and sustainable materials for businesses all over the globe. The Noissue shipping mailers we use are made of a compostable corn material and the tissue we wrap your order in is made from 100% recycled paper. Even the shipping labels we use are compostable. Noissue also permits small minimum quantity orders which allows us to stock only what we need to fulfill your order and not over-consume ourselves. In addition to compostable mailers, for orders including multiple items, we use 100% recycled paper kraft mailers from EcoEnclose, which are also recyclable. EcoEnclose is another responsible shipping and packaging materials brand that is mission driven and creates a responsible, sustainable line of products.

As a small, independent brand, we know we have a long path ahead in meeting all our sustainability goals. There’s still so much we have on our list, but we aim to be as responsible and ethical as possible — one collection at a time.

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LOVETRUST Making a Difference

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We strongly believe that all issues are women’s issues. As we are proud to cater to and be run by women, we aim to support issues that are central to bettering the lives of women and children around the world.


In the past we have run campaigns to raise money for Moms Demand Action for their gun safety efforts. Additionally, we are also proud to have donated brand new LOVETRUST clothing items to The Center for Family Justice in Connecticut. They help to support adults and children who are victims and survivors of domestic & sexual violence, human trafficking, and child abuse.

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Image Reference: LOVETRUST, 

LOVETRUST promises you cool, effortless pieces and collections; a slow fashion approach you can trust; great quality and fit; and attainable prices. The LOVETRUST family calls Brooklyn, NY home and respectfully manufactures in Peru with a SMETA compliant factory. All organic cotton used in the garments is GOTS certified.


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