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MPOWERD is a NYC-based benefit corporation and one of the first B Corps with an impressive score of over 140 points. The for-purpose, global, CPG brand is dedicated to making portable clean energy products that are durable yet sustainable.  The product line is innovative in design, intuitive to use and sustainable (rechargeable and solar). The company’s purpose is to provide everyone with access to affordable, quality renewable technology for light and communication, no matter where or how they live. 

The company relies on developed world sales to subsidize and tier down pricing to ensure the exact same products’ pricing is localized and are available anywhere in the world. The model has been extremely successful and has impacted over 4.3m lives without access to clean electricity and averted over 3.4m tons of CO2 in the process*.

*metrics based on number of units deployed and their impact measured through GOGLA standardized measurements

What makes a Brand Sustainable?

  • A brand that understands and attempts to reduce their carbon footprint
  • A brand with an ethical supply chain
  • A brand that supports philanthropic initiatives
  • A brand that advocates for causes and those in need within their local communities 
  • A brand that believes in and practices transparency whenever possible

Sustainable Products & Services

Video Reference: (2021), MPOWERED Products – Light Up Life, YouTube 

MPOWERD has worked with many of the largest corporate and NGO partners to further fund impact deployments through their vast network of 700+ nonprofits.

Most recently, the company has put 30,000 Solar lights and chargers into Puerto Rico, 90,000 into Ukraine, 10,000 into Maui, 20,000 into turkey, and 4000 into Morocco. 

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